This 10-week course is designed to learn quickly and efficiently. Each weekly class will last 4 hours of active learning and teaching. Classes will be held on the dates and times indicated below. Each learner will give a feedback on the class using an exit slip at the end of each class. Each class will start with a 10-minute quiz on the lesson taught during the previous class. The first 1hour 35 minutes after the quiz will be assigned to a grammar lesson. A 15-minute break will follow. Then, vocabulary (20-25 words) will be read loudly by the instructor so that attendees can learn the proper pronunciation. Attendees will then make simple, short sentences with these newly learned words as homework. An essay will be given and discussed in class on a topic related to the learned vocabulary. For instance, students learn the vocabulary of a house. They learn how to pronounce the words. For homework, they will be asked to write an essay on their favorite house. There will be two exams per course.  The middle term exam for will be a 1-week take-home and will be distributed at the end of the week 6. The final exam will be given in class on week 10.